Evidence-Based Intervention Listings

This is a collection of evidence-based intervention (EBI) listings for providing youth mental health care across settings.


For this collection, mental health is defined in the broadest sense and covers both ill-being (e.g., psychopathology, dysfunctional or problem behavior, risks/threats) and well-being (e.g., positive psychology, functional or adaptive behavior, strengths/assets). Intervention is also defined in the broadest possible sense and covers all possible purposes within mental health care, including clinical treatment, prevention, consultation, well-being promotion, targeted supports, etc.

All listings included in this collection contain multiple EBIs. The purpose of this collection is not to list individual protocols or therapies because the listings included in this collection do exactly that. Also, heads up: there's a lot of overlap and redundancy in the EBIs linked within these several listings.

Evaluative Lists

Following are websites that report systematic evaluations and listings of EBIs for providing youth mental health care. Each website is sponsored by an organization that uses a distinct approach to identify EBIs based on criteria related to the strength or quality of available evidence.

This collection has improved over time thanks to crowdsourced knowledge from colleagues, students, and strangers. If you have recommendations for resources to add, please email me or tweet at me.

Descriptive Lists

Following are websites that offer descriptive lists of EBIs (i.e., more than one evidence-based protocol or treatment). Some of these lists provide links to free intervention materials and protocols; some don't. Unlike the evaluative lists (see above), most of these descriptive lists do not provide criteria by which EBIs were evaluated or identified for inclusion.

This collection was last updated, and all links checked, on 07-27-22. If you find a link is broken or a listing has vanished, please email me and let me know.